Orange Theatre: Overview

In 2010, I cofounded Orange Theatre— a group of artists who make contemporary performance, video, sound, and music.

Orange takes a structured approach to creating work, so that the work itself can be risky. Orange engages critically with pop and digital culture to create shows that are charged, unpredictable, and challenging. We live in 2018, and their work looks and sounds like it.

Since 2010, Orange has produced eleven shows, including six completely original works. Orange has won the Phoenix New Times’ Big Brain Award as well as their Best of Phoenix Award, and shows have twice been named to their Top 10 Plays of the Year. From 2014 to 2018, Orange ran a two-thousand square foot performance venue where they produced most of their work.

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Orange Theatre: MAPS

thingNY/Orange Theatre present a work-in-progress showing of their untitled project about maps.

The collaboration between thingNY and Orange Theatre was funded from a NET/TEN Travel Grant.

Filmed August 2017 on Governor's Island, NY.

Filmed December 2016 at Orange Theatre’s warehouse in Phoenix, AZ.

Orange Theatre: IDA

After the novel by Gertrude Stein.

Produced in collaboration with

Scottsdale Community College School of Film + Theatre.

Created by the cast.

Conceived by Stephen Christensen, Katrina Donaldson, Joya Scott,

& Matthew Watkins.

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Production Photos by Laura Durant


Developed with Chris Danowski and Wrara Plesoiu in 2010.

video for live performance. phoenix based performance art in a movie. something here about text and myth and mythrepresentation and respiration. something about this being a project by christopher danowski, working with stephen christensen and wrara plesoiu. something something about actors something, jonathan hernandez, portia beacham, jenny cohen, marcelino quiñonez.